OUR STORY


Here at By Saka, our goal is to provide high quality products to our consumers of all skin type. Most of our products are hand made with love from natural ingredients of high quality. We made it our goal to source the best natural and safe ingredients for your skin.

By Saka came about in 2021 during the Pandemic. I had a burning passion to start my own business but wasn't sure where to start. I actively did a lot of research during my spare time as I was a store manager at a retail store that required a lot of my attention. I say this to say that I made a bold decision to resign from working for the retail company and focus Soley on serving my own consumers. That's when I got into formulating skin care and cosmetic products. 

"We do not just make skin care products, but we make them with the highest quality to solve problems."


As I go on this journey, my focus is to connect with many consumers as well as producing high quality products that can be used on a daily basis and on any occasion. With hard work and dedication, we commit to delivering outstanding service while upholding standards and integrity.